Top 10 Triggers of Adult Acne

Adult acne is often triggered by common practices that many people do not consider when thinking about adult acne breakouts. Nevertheless, these activities often trigger adult acne to form. All acne is caused by clogged pores or clogged pores that have become infected. However, certain things that we do or allow to contact our skin can trigger clogging and infectious reactions that lead to adult acne.

By identifying these triggers, you can pinpoint a more effective treatment for adult acne.

Adult Acne Trigger 1: Hormones
Pregnancy, perimenopause, and menstruation is the leading trigger of adult acne in women because of hormonal changes that occur during these times of life. Androgens and estrogen impact the way the sebaceous glands produce oil. (It can happen in men, too! Androgens are related to testosterones that are present in men and women.)

Adult Acne Trigger 2: Big Dates, Weddings, and Other Events
There is a reason that some people develop acne the morning of their wedding or the day before that first date. Stress and anxiety changes the way our bodies process and metabolize things and it induces a hormone response to cope with this change.

Adult Acne Trigger 3: Diet
Changing your diet can also throw off the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance, too. Diets high in carbohydrates are also thought to stimulate sebaceous gland activity, so avoid rich breads and sugars.

Adult Acne Trigger  4: Cosmetics
Most cosmetic products are labeled “non-comedogenic”, which is a fancy way to say that the product won’t clog pores. While they probably don’t clog pores as advertised, they still sit on top of the skin’s surface and pores. The same is true of sunscreens containing zinc and titanium dioxide. The trick is to make sure you wash cosmetics off at the end of every day.

Adult Acne Trigger 5: Hair Products

Hair products clog pores the same that cosmetic do, so after applying a hair product, be sure to thoroughly wash the face and hairline to remove any over sprayed product.

Adult Acne Trigger  6: Changing Skincare Products
The skin gets used to a certain environment and changing skin care products often because one doesn’t seem to work can actually make acne worse. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for skin to adjust, so give products time to work.

Adult Acne Trigger  7: Cell Phones and Hands
Cell phones touch bacteria-infested surfaces all day long and with skin repeatedly and can accumulate oils. Since the same parts touch the face each time, clean cell phones with an alcohol wipe frequently to avoid oil transfer. (Same thing goes for your hands.)

Adult Acne Trigger  8: Dry Skin
Dry skin gets cracked, and cracks are an ideal spot for bacteria to form and thrive. Bacteria cause acne, so stay moisturized with a good lotion that doesn’t clog pores.

Adult Acne Trigger  9: Waxing and Tweezing
Waxing and tweezing can cause inflammation of the pores. Inflammation causes oil and cells to become trapped in the pore.

Adult Acne Trigger 10: Vacationing

Vacationing means exposing skin to different water components and air contaminants. Just like switching skin care products, the skin can react to these changes triggering oil production changes that can lead to acne


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