Triggers of Adult Acne

Adults are more exposed to some of the triggers that cause this cycle of oil accumulation and clogged pores. Some of the triggers are things that we do without even considering the possibility that they may lead to acne.

One example is talking on a cell phone. Cell phones come into contact with the areas of the face near the mouth, where they pick up oil from the skin. They also get handled a lot, picking up oil from our palms. Finally, cell phones are exposed to bacteria virtually all day long when they are placed on surfaces. Obviously, not using a cell phone is not a viable treatment for adult acne, but you can at least wipe down your screen regularly.

All of these substances can accumulate on the phone and transfer right back to the pore on our faces and cause extra oil and bacteria levels to rise, resulting in clogged pores and adult acne. The same principles apply to just about anything the skin comes into contact with, including our hands, cosmetics, hair products, and sunscreens.

Stress and hormonal changes are probably the most common triggers for adult acne. Pregnancy, menstruation, perimenopause, and metabolic changes caused by stress, dietary changes, and changes in exercise routines can all have an impact on hormones that cause sebaceous glands to produce more oils.

Pressure from clothing (heavy materials on the back or constrictive clothing) combined with sweating and moisture can cause an ideal place for bacteria to develop. Medications can also trigger adult acne as a side effect.


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