How to find out the Best Pimple Treatment

We panic the moment we see something on our skin, whether it is slight discoloration a tan or pimples. We, as humans, are very concerned about the skin because the world is set on beauty being skin only, not skin deep. It bothers us if our skin is not flawless but it is worse if the skin is ridden with pimples or "blackheads" or a severe case of "acne"

How to find out the Best Pimple Treatment
skin is ridden with pimples

In this article, we will talk about pimples and how to go about them. Pimples, as we all know, are a teenager’s worst nightmare. But they are not alone. It is also an adult’s worst nightmare now!

What Are Pimples ?

A pimple is a small "pustule", by proper definition, a small papule. Pimples often cause inflammation as their appearances are seen as tiny bumps on the skin which might sound normal now but a big sized pimple and a lot of them clustered in an area of skin can look really bad and cause a lot of problems for the person.

Another word for pimples is also known as spots or more commonly in the female language most refer to them as zits. They are filled with pus, the white gooey often yellow substance that seems to be protruding out from the pimples.

What Causes Pimples?

Pimples are caused by a lot of reasons. Most of the reasons revolve around lack of hygiene and the presence of bacteria that can mess with skin and cause pimples to arrive. There are a lot of reasons why pimples can be caused. They are given below:

When the pores of our skin become clogged with bacteria and sebaceous oil or sebum, "a pimple is formed by inflammation". Keeping the skin too oily and not washing it at proper times can cause pimples to occur.
 A small allergic reaction can also cause pimples to be created which can easily lead to acne if they are a lot in number.
Sensitive skin is especially prone to getting pimples by the simplest things, such as too much exposure to sunlight or not washing the face at appropriate times or letting the skin remain oily for a little longer than normal.

 Dairy products and eating too much protein foods is also linked to "getting pimples". Those people who eat a lot of eggs have complained of developing zits at odd times, even if they do take care of their skin.
Using too many cosmetics can increase the chances of bacteria settling on the skin and sometimes make up does not come off easily or people do not wash it off properly which can also irritate the skin and cause pimples.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pimples ?

There are different types of pimples and their signs all contain different symptoms. They are outlined below for you to understand pimples on a better level:
Whiteheads and Blackheads are the commonest symptoms. They are really small but clustered together can be seen clearly by the naked eye. True to their name, whiteheads have a white protruding head of pus while blackheads have black, given the exposure to air and hence the change of color.

 Papules are also a symptom of pimples where they are round bumpy spots present on the skin. Papules are most often pink and red and can be visibly seen. They occur mostly around the face.
 Pustules are all pus. They are the most hated, especially by teenage girls who find them really ugly to look at.
Nodules and papules are very much the same but the only difference is that nodules are bigger than papules.
Cysts are also the most feared since they are known to scar the skin as well. They are also painful, can itch and have pus in them.

What Is The Treatment And Cure For Pimples ?

Treatment and cure for pimples is easy to come about but one thing you have to keep in mind is that healing the skin does not take only a few days. It is a long process and you have to be patient throughout so as to not cause yourself any stress or worsen the problem.

There are herbal treatment methods available which can easily treat the pimples and there are also supplements, creams and medications which all help to treat and cure pimples such as Zenmed and Clearpores and Exposed Skin Care all of which are very famous and renowned methods of treating the pimples. They are natural ways of curing and contain no side effects.
Treating or curing pimples is very much possible and with the right products in hand, such as the ones mentioned above, you will have no problem in walking down the road to recovering the skin back to normal.

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