8 Cheap Acne Scar Remedies

If you are like most people, you are trying to figure out ways of spending your money more wisely than ever before. Well, this is not always an option when it comes to skin care treatments, especially when acne or scarring is involved. However, today you are in luck because we have provided a list of eight of the cheapest treatments for acne scars ever found. And best of all, they really work!
1. Lemon Juice Massage   
The juice of a fresh lemon or lime applied on your face where scarring is visible will help cleanse the skin and allow for healing to occur. Plus, it will lighten the appearance of the scars.

 1. Lemon Juice Massage
2. Olive Oil Massage
Pure extra virgin olive oil will help moisturize the skin and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin begin to heal on its own as the levels of these properties increase within your skin. Best part, it won’t clog your pores!

 2. Olive Oil Massage

3. Ice Massage  
Applying ice to the scars will lessen the swelling and trigger your body’s responses to that area, often times lessening the appearance of scars on most parts of your body.

Ice Massage

4. Cucumber Facial
A cucumber paste face mask will lessen the appearance of scarring, taking away most of the dark coloring and helping to moisturize the skin around the scar. The plumper the skin around the scar, the less noticeable the scar will be.


5. Rubbing Tomato On Face
Tomato slices placed all over the face, avoiding the eye area, will help increase the moisture levels in the skin, and will help aid in the healing process of the skin due to the anti-inflammatory properties that tomatoes contain.

6. Honey Mask 
Applying a honey mask daily will help reduce the appearance of any scarring on your face and will also leave you with a healthy, radiant glow. Honey has many natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as a deep moisturizing ingredient naturally found within it, to leave you with more youthful and healthy skin.
Honey Mask

 7. Lavender Oil
Lavender oil used twice daily as a moisturizer is a great way to reduce noticeable scars on the skin and will leave your skin with a sweet scent. Plus, if you put it on right before bed, you will get the relaxation effects of the lavender to help put you to sleep...

Lavender Oil

  8. Egg White Mask 
Egg whites used as a mask on the face will help reduce the appearance of any scarring, remove blackheads, and allow your skin to become tighter and more firm than it was before.


Scar Free Life  
If you use these easy and inexpensive methods to reduce the appearance of scars, remember to keep taking care of your skin when you are done with this type of treatment. The last thing you want to do is go through all of this for a clean and healthy complexion only to start getting more acne as soon as it’s over because of forgetting to take care of your precious skin!

 Scar Free Life


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