Preventing and Treating Adult Acne

Prevention really is the best medicine when it comes to adult acne. The most common type of adult acne can’t be see with the eye, but is the very beginning stages of all forms of adult acne detailed throughout the pages of this site.

Known as a microcomedone, these tiny clogged pores can easily be treated through regular cleansing with a good facial cleanser. Moisturizing is also a great preventative measure because dry skin causes cracks and fissures in the skin where bacteria love to live. (Dry skin also causes wrinkles to appear!)

Even people who adhere to a strict regimen of skin care can develop acne if they aren’t careful. So, to prevent acne caused by some of the most common triggers there are things detailed throughout this site that we can do to help keep the environment safer for our skin. There are also prescriptions and over the counter medications that can be used for certain types of adult acne once it has formed.

In these tough acne situations, you should try the plan found in Acne No More. It is a comprehensive and effective treatment for adult acne that has defeated even the toughest acne problems:


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