What Your Dermatologist Really Wants You to Know

Want to get the best possible treatment for your acne, and become your dermatologist's favorite patient at the same time? Here are five things your dermatologist really wants you to know.

1. Clear skin can take time.

No treatment works overnight. If you're lucky, you'll see improvement quickly. Stick with your medication anyway.
Do Those "Miracle" Cures Really Work?
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  • Do Those "Miracle" Cures Really Work?
2. You have to use your treatments, consistently and correctly.
Want to know what really drives your dermatologist nuts? Patients who don't reliably use their medications, or don't use them correctly, but then complain that they aren't noticing any improvement in their skin.
Don't skip doses and try not to forget to use your treatments. Even the most effective treatment in the world won't work if you aren't using it!
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3. You'll probably need to try several treatments.

Acne can be difficult to treat partly because there is no one medication that works for everyone. This means you'll probably spend some time trying different treatment options before you hit on the "jackpot" treatment. Frustrating, yes. There are many acne medications available that have been proven effective, and your derm probably has a good idea of what will work best for you.
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. You should come to your appointment prepared.

Is acne affecting your life to the point you're feeling depressed or even suicidal? Take notes during the appointment if it helps you. And if you don't understand anything about your treatment, ask! Just a few minutes of preparation can help ensure your appointment goes smoothly.
  • Being Honest with Your Dermatologist

5. You'll have to continue to use your treatments, even after acne has cleared.
This doesn't mean your treatments didn't work properly. On the contrary, they worked very well.
Acne treatments don't cure acne; they just control it. So if you stop using your medications, there is a good chance your acne will return.
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