Get the Best Acne Care

Good acne care goes way beyond just rubbing a medicated cream on your pimples. Effective acne treatments may be the foundation of your acne care routine, but good acne care also includes understanding your skin, caring for it properly, and dealing with emotional issues that acne can cause.
Here are four things you must know in order to get the most from your acne care routine:
Good Acne Care Includes Good Skin Care
Acne can't be washed away, but a good skin care routine will help support your acne care treatment. Fortunately, caring for your skin doesn't mean buying a ton of expensive products or spending hours masking and moisturizing.
Consistency is important. Taking care of your skin only takes a few minutes per day, but it should be done reliably.
Don't go overboard with your skin care treatments, though. A twice a day cleansing is fine for most people. And don't use a bunch of medicated skin care products if you're already on a prescription acne treatment (unless your doc gives you the green light


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